Current Research

Current and Past Projects
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Current Research Projects
We are currently working on a variety of projects. For more information about a particular project please click on either the main project title or one of its modules.

Building Research & Development
Capacity for the Canadian Lobster Industry


A Web-based Lobster Research Database

Atlantic Lobster Moult & Quality (ALMQ) Project
Field Monitoring

Reproductive Status

Gene Discovery – Lobster Genomics

Biochemical Profiles

A Service Unit

Bitter Crab Disease

Bumper Car Genomics

Investigation of Mushy Tail

Lobster Welfare and Humane Treatment

Shell Disease

Gaffkemia Proteomics

Clinical Support Services

Completed Research Projects
Below is a list of completed projects that the Lobster Science Centre has conducted.

Disease Transfer in American Lobsters and in Dungeness, Rock, and Snow Crabs: Literature Search, Review, and Summary

Antimicrobial Peptides

Identification and Measurement of Acute Phase Proteins (APPs) in Lobsters

Fisher Reporting System – Pilot Phase

Molecular Diagnostics of Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis

Infectious Diseases & Host Response in American Lobsters

Potential Significance of the Disease “Paramoebiasis” to Canadian Lobsters

Paramoebiasis: Host range, transmission, and pathogenesis

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