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The AVC Lobster Science Centre (AVCLSC), located in the AVC North Annex building, is a research centre within the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island, dedicated to conducting lobster health research at the request of the lobster industry. The Atlantic Veterinary College is uniquely situated on Canada’s Atlantic coast providing ready access to the lobster industry. The Centre’s projects will enhance the research & development capacity for lobster health in Atlantic Canada through technical studies.

PARTNERS include fisher organizations, processors, exporters, First Nations, other private sector companies, and various governments (providing 45% of the Centre’s funds) while the remaining 55% comes from the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) administered by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA). The partners oversee the research projects delivered by the AVCLSC. In summary, research activities of the AVCLSC are directly overseen by, and are applicable to, the lobster industry.

INVESTIGATIONS from the AIF research project examine host- pathogen interactions in lobsters, the potential impact of infectious diseases such as paramoebiasis (potentially involved in the Long Island Sound die-off) on the Canadian lobster resource, and construction & delivery of a lobster research database for the industry. The primary innovation is application of the principles of veterinary medicine to the lobster fishery. The research projects involve the training of highly qualified personnel in graduate studies in crustacean health. Potential commercial applications include development of therapeutants and diagnostic tools. Overall, the research projects of the Centre will help ensure the sustainability of the crustacean sector of the Canadian seafood industry.


  • Courses, seminars, workshops;
  • Lobster health fact sheets;
  • Face-to-face interactions;
  • Meetings with fishermen, partners, agencies;
  • AVCLSC website, newsletters, Email; &
  • News media.


  • Enhance levels of return to the Canadian lobster industry through research on lobster health in the wild and in handling, holding & transportation facilities;
  • Develop innovative technologies which can be transferred to the lobster fishery for better marketing & planning decisions;
  • Provide a research team dedicated to lobster health; &
  • Train highly qualified health personnel for the lobster fishery.
  • Enhanced capacity for lobster health research and development will lead to longer term & more innovative programs for the lobster industry through the AVC Lobster Science Centre.

“The Centre’s research projects will help ensure the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of the Canadian lobster fishery.”

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