Current Research and Projects

Crustacean Projects:

NSERC-Strategic Project Grant 2014-2017
Towards a regional monitoring framework for cumulative impacts assessment in the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence: monitoring fate and effects of hydrophobic agrichemicals
Co-Investigators: van den Heuvel, M, Wagner B, Greenwood SJ
Collaborators on Lobster Project: Homarus Inc. (Dounia Daoud & Martin Mallet); PEIFA, PEIASC

Lobster Transcriptomics (Homarus americanus)

  • Immune response to pathogens
  • Larval Moult & Development
  • Moult Recovery
  • Reproductive Status
  • Impact of pesticides & environmental contaminants
  • Chain of custody study – Location, live holding & shipping
  • Lobster Welfare and Humane Treatment

Bumper Car Transcriptomics (Anophryoides haemophila)

  • Pathogenesis of disease

Bitter Crab Disease (Atlantic Snow Crab – Chionoecetes opilio)

  • In vitro life cycle studies of Hematodinium sp.
  • Pathogenesis of disease

Shellfish Research: Eastern Oyster (Crassostrea virginica)

  • Development and optimization of diagnostic assays human pathogens

Completed Research Projects:

Building Research and Development for the Canadian Lobster Industry (AIF-1)

  • Infectious disease & host response in American lobsters
  • Potential Significance of the Disease “Paramoebiasis” to Canadian Lobsters
  • Lobsternet: A Web-based Lobster Research Database

Specific outcomes:

  • Gaffkemia Proteomics
  • Shell Disease Monitoring
  • Investigation of Mushy Tail
  • Disease Transfer in American Lobsters and in Dungeness, Rock, and Snow Crabs: Literature Search, Review, and Summary
  • Antimicrobial Peptides
  • Identification and Measurement of Acute Phase Proteins (APPs) in Lobsters
  • Fisher Reporting System
  • Moult and Quality website
  • Molecular Diagnostics of Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis
  • Paramoebiasis: Host range, transmission, and pathogenesis

Atlantic Lobster Moult & Quality (ALMQ) Project (AIF-5)

  • Field Monitoring
  • Reproductive Status
  • Gene Discovery – Lobster Genomics
  • Biochemical Profiles
  • A Service Unit
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