Forensic Evidence: What about the erroneously acquitted felons?

With the coming of testing for DNA and scientific ability to use a human body cell in order to solve the mystery of crimes, the criminal field for justice has achieved huge success. In the earlier times, there were no traces of testing DNA, which ultimately made certain people bear the crime tag that wasn’t even committed by them. With the advancement of knowledge in forensic investigator Canada, there have been several techniques produced to solve any crime mystery. In addition, with the latest testing methods for DNA check, it has been a great help in vindicating the erroneously guilty pronounced felons.

With the advancement of such knowledge, it has become easy for people to stand against any crime which they have not committed. In addition, the forensic investigator Canada has explored certain tricks and tips to find a criminal with simple human testing. Many people hold a right to fight with evidence and get away from the wrongly pronounced crime. It is a ray of hope which has emerged as a helpful tool to fight against the false statements. Given below are some people who have been erroneously declared guilty on the basis of DNA check:

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Frank Lee Smith

It is very unfortunate to hear that Frank Lee Smith’s life came to an end due to a serious disease which was cancer during the time of 2000. Due to a black background history in the crime scenes, he was declared guilty in the case of sexual assault and murder crime. Later, with the DNA check, it was evident that he is not guilty of getting into the case. The real criminal behind the crime was Eddie Lee Mosley which was proved with the help of DNA report.

Anthony Capozzi

During the time of 1987, Anthony Capozzi got declared as a criminal for two cases of rape attempts. Throughout the whole charge, his mother had a firm belief in him and considered him not guilty of the crime. After a span of 20 long years, she got to show that her son is innocent. With the help of DNA reports, it was out that the actual criminal was someone else.

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Kirk Bloodsworth

Kirk Bloodsworth was the first felon in America who was mistakenly declared as a guilty person in the charge of attempting rape and killing a 9-year-old small girl. When the fingerprints were closely checked, it resulted that Bloodsworth is not the actual person behind the crime.

Habib W Abdal

During the time of Abdal’s judgment, he was known as “Vincent Jenkins.” Due to some misleading reports in the identification, Abdal has been sentenced a charge of conducting a rape attempt. Later, when a time period of 16 years ended, Abdal was found not guilty as to both the samples gathered of the sperms from the crime didn’t match to his DNA report.

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Ron Williamson

Ron Williamson has to experience punishment in the jail for a crime of murder in which he was not guilty. With the help of DNA checking, it was found that he is not the criminal behind the murder.

Therefore, it is very clear that lack of expertise forensic knowledge led to a troubling situation for people who never committed any crime. With the present advancement, it is also a warning to the criminals that it is easy to catch them with the help of a forensic investigator Canada team.

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